POW Cast

Since 2013, Play On Words has relied on the talents of a number of amazing South Bay performers. We are grateful for their time, commitment, and skill.

jimmy allan
Jimmy Allan

Jimmy Allan is a South Bay actor who joined us at our Play On Words premiere to read “Slave” by Leah Griesmann.

Ryan Alpers
Ryan Alpers

Ryan Alpers teaches English and journalism in San Jose. He has a B.A. in literature from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, an M.S. in mass communications and a teaching credential from San Jose State University. While studying at the College of Creative Studies, he was published in the CCS Literary Magazine “Spectrum” and awarded the CCS Brancart-Richardson Award for fiction. He is also the producer of the Play On Words POWer Half-Hour, a special podcast series that features interviews with POW performers and writers.

See his work on our blog:

Ryan performed work by Eric Sneathen at our Play On Words premiere in 2013. He has also performed work by Gary Singh (“Here”, 2014), Brian Van Winkle (2014), Melinda Marks (2014), Freya Seeburger (2016) and Gary Singh (2016).

Laurel Brittan

Laurel Brittan studied marine biology at UC Santa Cruz and has a master’s degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has performed in various capacities across the Bay Area for many years.

See her work on our blog:

Laurel has performed work by Mara Sherman (2015), Pratibha Kelapure (“Swimming,” 2015), Allie Costa (“Glitter,” 2015), Faisal Mohyuddin (2018), Arcadia Conrad (2018), Allison Landa (2018), Christina Shon (2018), and Valerie Castro Singer (2018).

Arcadia Conrad

Arcadia Conrad is the Theatre Program Director of Cupertino Actors Theatre at Cupertino High School,  and blogs about being a drama teacher at Dramaclassnow.com. She most recently appeared in boom! at City Lights Theatre. Love always to husband John and daughter Luna.

See her work on our blog:

POW has performed work “308 on 308” and “Teacher of the Year” by Arcadia. In addition, Arcadia has performed work by Marilyn Horn Fahey (2018), Tania Martin (2018), April Halprin Wayland (2018), Lyra Halprin (2018), and Melinda Marks (2015).

April Culver

April Culver earned her BFA in Acting at Drake University. Recent roles include Mrs. Givings (In the Next Room, Pear Theatre), Cordelia / The Fool (B8 Theatre), Catherine (A View From the Bridge, Pear Theatre), Gillian (Permanent Collection, Piedmont Players ), Constance (Three Musketeers, Silicon Valley Shakespeare), Calpurnia (Julius Caesar, Silicon Valley Shakespeare), Sonya (Uncle Vanya,  Pear Theatre), and Olivia (Shakespeare in Hollywood, Silicon Valley Shakespeare).

See her work on our blog:

April first performed work by Julia Halprin Jackson in “Leading Women,” our 2017 performance at Dragon Theatre. She also performed at our 2018 “Nostalgia-rama!
show at the Dragon.

Ivette Deltoro

Ivette Deltoro is the patron experience manager and casting assistant at City Lights Theatre, where she has also performed in a number of shows. She is one of the founders of City Lights’ Mini Lights Emerging Artist program, and served as the casting director for its inaugural production, boom! by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb.

See her work on our blog:

Ivette has performed work by Sarah Lyn Rogers (2016), Brian Van Winkle (2016), Tania Martin (2016), Leah Griesmann (2017 – and again in 2018),  and Christine Stoddard (2018). She will also performing in our April 2018 show.

You can also hear her in conversation with Erin Southard and Ryan Alpers on episode #9 of the Play On Words POWer Half Hour podcast.

Alex Draa

Alex Draa is a 2015 graduate of San Jose State University’s Theatre Arts program. Alex performed work by Keiko O’Leary and Christine Keating at “New Year Nouveau,” a January 2016 Play On Words show.

tonya duncan
Tonya Duncan

Tonya Duncan is a Bay Area actress, director and stage manager. She’s worked all over the Bay, including City Lights Theater Company, Silicon Valley Shakespeare and Sunnyvale Community Players. Tonya first performed with Play On Words in our 2018 Nostalgia-Rama! show at the Dragon Theatre.

Tiffany Edwards

Tiffany Edwards studied playwriting at UCLA before majoring in geography and earning a master’s in environmental management at Duke. An easement project manager at Peninsula Open Space Trust, Tiffany volunteers with many charitable organizations and has often loaned us her artistic talent.

See her work on the blog:

Tiffany has performed work by Rick Alpers (2015) and Sarah Lyn Rogers (2015).

Ronald Feichtmeir

Ronald Feichtmeir is a Bay Area native, and actor, who has most recently performed in a Millionth Production of a Christmas Carol, at the Pear Ave. Theatre. A couple of his favorite roles include Estragon in Waiting for Godot at the Dragon Theatre and the mechanic in Middle Town at the Los Altos Stage Company.

See his work on our blog:

Ronald performed work by Charlene Logan Burnett in spring 2018. He also performed in our Nostalgia-Rama! show at the Dragon Theatre in August 2018.

Nita Duarte Lambert

Nita Duarte Lambert is a Bay Area actor who joined Play On Words in 2016 to perform work by Allison Landa and in 2018 as part of our Nostalgia-Rama! show at the Dragon Theatre.

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Adam Magill is a graduate of the Foothill Theater Conservatory and has received additional training at Seydways Studios in San Francisco. Recent credits include Shakespeare in Love at Marin Theater Company (2017) Jekyll and Hyde at San Jose’s City Lights Theatre (2015), Stupid Fucking Bird at SF Playhouse (2014), Hamlet and The Whale at Marin Theater Company (2014).
See his work on our blog:

POW has performed Adam’s work a number of times, including at our 2013 premiere (“Malleus Maleficarum”, “Only Customary”, and “Winston” ).

Watch him read work by Eli Hansen (2014), Renee Schell (2015), Brian Van Winkle (2015), Sarah Lyn Rogers (2015), Keenan Flagg (2015), Ryan Alpers (2015), and Betsy Miller (2015).

Gray Performs / Shannon DeJeong

Shannon DeJeong, who for a time performed as Gray Performs, joined us in 2015 to perform work by Mara Sherman and Tania Martin. She is the CEO of House of Who, Inc. – a brand arthouse and agency based in Berkeley, California

Jeremy Ryan

Jeremy Ryan is a South Bay actor who has worked at various theatre companies around the Bay Area, including City Lights, Dragon Theatre, The Pear Theatre, and many others. Jeremy is a company member at Play On Words and a graduate of the Foothill Theatre Conservatory.

See his work on our blog:

Watch Jeremy read work by Roy Proctor (2015 and 2016), Melinda Marks (and again here, both in 2014), Brian Van Winkle (2014), Adam Magill (2014), Andrew Christian (2014).

Taylor Sanders

Taylor Sanders is a Bay Area actor and one of the founders of City Lights Theater Company’s Mini Lights Emerging Artist program. She joined us in 2016 to perform work by Pratibha Kelapure and Christine Keating.

erin southard
Erin Southard

Erin Southard is an Bay Area actor, director, writer, producer, and educator. After a marketing internship with City Lights Theater Company, she went on to spearhead their Mini Lights Emerging Artist Program. Tonya first performed with Play On Words in our 2018 Nostalgia-Rama! show at the Dragon Theatre.

Brian Van Winkle

Brian Van Winkle is a graduate of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon where he received a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts with a minor in Shakespeare Studies. He is also a graduate of the Foothill Theatre Conservatory and a member of the Pacifica Table Readers.

See his work on our blog:

POW performed Brian’s hilarious “The Way I Picture it In My Head” at our February 2014 San Jose and Lit Crawl San Francisco (2014) shows, and “Audition” at Anne and Mark’s Art Party (2016). You can watch him reading work by Adam Magill (2014), David Wirth (2014) Melinda Marks (and again here) (2014), Rick Alpers (2015), and Ben Black (2015).

Tiffany Viorge

A 2014 graduate of San Jose State University’s Theatre Arts program, Tiffany Viorge performed work by Christine Keating and Sarah Lyn Rogers at our Play On Words: Spring Fling show in 2014.

Michael Weiland

Michael Weiland is an alumnus of Foothill Theatre Conservatory and a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. He makes appearances in South Bay theater productions at City Lights, Pear Avenue, Broadway West, and elsewhere.

See his work on our blog:

Michael first performed in a short play by Brian Van Winkle at our 2014 Lit Crawl show in San Francisco. He has also performed work by Rick Alpers (2015), Brian Van Winkle (“Audition,” 2015 and 2016), Ken Weisner (2018), Michelle Myers (2018) and Griffin Lamachy (2018). In August 2018 he performed in our “Nostalgia-rama!” show at Dragon Theatre.

Adam Weinstein

Adam Weinstein is an actor who has performed with Play On Words many times. He has performed work by Jon Ford (2018), Andrew Tucker (2015), Brian Van Winkle (2016), Gary Singh (2015), Ben Black (2015), and others. He also performed in our 2018 Nostalgia-Rama! show at Dragon Theatre.