Flash Fiction Forum’s Literary Pub Crawl

Join us this Sunday for San Jose’s first ever Literary Pub Crawl, organized by Tania Martin and Lita Kurth, the masterminds behind SJ’s Flash Fiction Forum, as well as past participants in POW shows.

There are four main stages of the event, all located in San Jose’s SOFA district:

We hope to see you there.

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Submit To Our January Show

We get it–the holidays are approaching. In San Jose, we are welcoming this newfangled thing called “weather.” The desire to stay inside and nurse a mug of hot cocoa is very hard to resist. Why not, while you’re cozy inside, polish up that draft you’ve been working on and send it along to us at Play On Words? Our next show is quickly approaching–January 6 at Cafe Stritch–and we need producible work by December 1. In case you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons you should submit to us:

  1. Because you’ll get to hear your own words read back to you. As a writer at any stage of your career, there are few things more valuable than hearing your own characters, your own dialogue, your own descriptions, interpreted through the lens of an actor. You might hear laughs in the crowd where you weren’t expecting them–or moments of thoughtful reflection as the audience takes in your work. It can be a very gratifying experience.

    Join us
    Submit to our January show at Cafe Stritch!
  2. You’ll learn something about the way you write. When a writer reads his or her own work aloud, there is an implicit relationship with the words. You know what you were trying to say when you wrote the words, so when you read it aloud, you invoke that meaning. However, when you hear someone else read it, you might find hidden meaning. You might realize that while you thought your story was about one thing, it’s actually about something else entirely–something worth exploring.
  3. You’ll be exposed to the work of a community of writers and artists. When we produce shows, we work really hard to curate a lineup that creates its own narrative. We like to intersperse poetry with short stories, plays and monologues, to give the evening the feeling of its own theatrical mix tape. When you participate in a Play On Words show, you get to hear what your work sounds like as part of an entire evening’s performance, book-ended with the work of your neighbors, friends and colleagues.
  4. You’ll make great friends and meet potential collaborators. One of the very best outcomes of a Play On Words show is introducing talented artists to each other–friends who can introduce each other to their favorite writers, artists, musicians and poets.
  5. Great food, great drinks, great company, great work. What else do you need?

Adam WeinsteinWe hope to read your work soon. We’re accepting submissions of fiction and nonfiction under 2000 words, poems, and short plays through December 1. Submissions can be emailed to us at playonwordssj@gmail.comThanks for taking a chance on us–you won’t regret it.