“Skin Puddles” on our first birthday

On this day in Play On Words history, we hosted our first show at San Jose’s Blackbird Tavern, featuring the work of Ryan Alpers, Leah Griesmann, Eric Sneathen, Adam Magill and Melinda Marks. We are so grateful to Chris and Leah of the Blackbird for their encouraging and helpful partnership for our three San Jose shows, and are so sorry to hear that the Blackbird has shut its doors. [Note: If you liked the Blackbird, you’ll certainly love Naglee Park Garage, their sister restaurant.] It is thanks in part to them that Play On Words has gained momentum in the last year–and we hope to continue growing, performing and reading your work.

It’s fitting, then, to feature Nicole Hughes’ first reading of her own work for Play On Words on our blog today. Nicole is one of POW’s three co-founders, a recent MFA grad from San Jose State University, the former acting director of the Center for Literary Arts, and the current events manager for Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park. Here she is knocking it out of the park with her reading of “Skin Puddles” last Saturday in Clarion Alley in San Francisco:

Congrats, Nicole! And happy birthday Play On Words!

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