Lit Crawl, Here We Come!

We’re thrilled to announce that Play On Words will be kicking off LitCrawl, an exciting evening of literary events in San Francisco’s Mission District on October 18. If you’ve never been, LitCrawl isĀ our kind of pub crawl: 100 different literary readings, performances and organizations will be populating the galleries, restaurants and bars of the Mission over the course of a few hours. It is also the culmination of a week-long arts and culture festival in San Francisco–as if you needed another reason to visit.

We feel especially lucky because we’ll be reading in a really unique space–smack dab in the middle of Clarion Alley, an amazing walkway of murals linking Mission and Valencia Streets between 16th and 17th. Our show will be a special combination of best-of-Play-On-Words, featuring one of our most popular plays, new fiction from two of our recent contributors, and short readings by POW founders. Don’t worry; we’ll be rolling out the specifics as the big day draw nears.

Clarion Alley, SF
POW Reader and Contributor Ryan Alpers

We do also plan to host events more frequently in San Jose this year, which means we need more submissions! We read submissions on an ongoing basis, so if you have a short, funny sketch, a new poem, a thought-provoking story or a memoir excerpt that you think would be fun to perform aloud, please send it along as a Word attachment to